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Why Your Brand Should Consider Video Creation

We consume more video content in 2020 than ever before in human history. Hell, you might have a video running in the background of your device or have the TV on as you surf the web at this very moment. If you did, you would be in the decided majority. All of this is to say that most modern consumers are most comfortable absorbing content through video format. It is easy, it is convenient, and it is a powerful marketing tool. This idea isn’t exactly new. It didn’t take long after the advent of broadcast television for the first TV commercial to air. Since that initial commercial aired on July 1st, 1941, the TV commercial has been an important part of modern culture and advertising.

Fast forward to today, and video creation is more important than ever. Gone are the days where marketers could depend on their consumers’ full attention. Now, we must fight for attention before, during, and after making a brand impression. With this in mind, here is why every brand should consider video content marketing. 

The Benefits of Videos for Digital Marketing

Without further ado, here are some highly impactful reasons why video content creation remains king in 2020 and beyond:

  • 75 million Americans watch online videos every day. That is nearly one in four people in the U.S. who are actively watching video content on their computers or mobile devices daily.
  • Of those views, approximately half are on a mobile device. As we will discuss below, this means that the most effective video content should be mobile-friendly.
  • Viewers retain much more information through watching a video as compared to reading text. It has been shown that videos help consumers retain up to 95% of the message compared to just 10% through reading alone. 
  • Videos drive user engagement. It has been shown that video content creation not only drives user engagement, but also enriches the customer experience within that engagement.  

Potential Pitfalls of Video Creation

  1. Video content creation is difficult. Without a doubt, the number one misstep that many brands make when it comes to video content creation is assuming that it is easy. When we see teenagers making millions of dollars on YouTube, it can be easy to say hey, I can do that! The fact is, you probably can’t. Sound design, framing, lighting, equipment, and dozens of other minutiae go into every single shot. Those millionaire teenagers are the .001% who have the talent and the resources to rise above the pack. 
  2. Your video creation budget is unrealistic. As a continuation of the above, creating a professional piece of video content is often costly. Setting a realistic budget and understanding the difficulties of video creation should be done before you run into problems.
  3. You lack a video content creation strategy. As with any marketing strategy, video marketing relies on a coherent vision. 
  4. You aren’t getting your video content in front of the right audience. This can mean that either A) You aren’t familiar enough with your audience to make optimal video content or B) You have made great content that isn’t getting in front of the right sets of eyeballs.

Video Creation and Marketing FAQs

Is there an ideal length for video content marketing materials?

Yes and no. There are certain guidelines that allow brands to grab and hold audience attention, but this information comes with a grain of salt. A brand trying to sell basketball shoes to teenagers might opt for a shorter video to keep a younger audience engaged. A brand trying to sell $200,000 pieces of heavy machinery to industry professionals would be better served by creating longer, more thorough video content. This represents a high-level truth of all content creation: know your audience.

What platforms should I target with marketing videos?

Nearly all online platforms offer video sharing in one way or another. It is important to fit your content to the platform of your choice. YouTube might be a good platform for lengthier videos that require more direct attention while social media outlets like Instagram might be a better fit for sub-one-minute videos, etc. 

Should I hire an outside video production crew?

If you are even considering it, the answer is probably yes. Unless your brand or your marketing firm is well equipped to create professional video content, outsourcing the job is a great idea. To be clear, there is a huge difference between creating ad hoc social media videos (which can be done by anyone) and putting out marketing materials to try and sell a product (which should be left to professionals).

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