Ensure that your messaging resonates with your customers

Clock Tower Insights _Impact-


Does your message inspire the behavior you wanted the message to drive in the market?

Message Driven Marketing

Clock Tower Insights _Appeal


While you may not always be saying what people want to hear, we help make sure that your message will not isolate you from your customer.

Clock Tower Insights _Clarity


Does your message say what you meant to communicate? Are consumers confident that they understand what you wanted them to hear?

Clock Tower Insights _Unique


Does the message stand out as different from what consumers expect from your brand? What about other brands in the market?

clearly communicate to a wide audience

Why it’s relevant

Clock Tower insight will review your messaging to help you understand its impact, appeal, clarity, and uniqueness to your consumers. The point of a consumer facing message is to articulate a clear piece of information to a large group of people. Our message testing is designed to determine how successful your message is likely to be.

The Results

  • Draw attention to your brand.
  • Drive the behavior your customers are hoping for.
  • Make your brand stand out to the consumer.
  • Ensure your message is being interpreted as you expected.
  • Clarify your brand to consumers.
  • Safeguard your brand by making sure there are no unintended erroneous interpretations of your message.