Distinguish Your Brand in Your Market

Clock Tower Insights _competitive assesment

Competitive Assessment

  • Identify your true competitors. Distinguish brands that sell similar products, from those in an adjacent industry trying to solve the same problem.
  • Compare strengths and weaknesses across brands competing for the same consumers.
Clock Tower Insights _Brand Measurement

Brand Measurement

  • Identify behaviors that define a transaction with your brand vs. one of your competitors.
  • Discover the level of loyalty or the amount of effort it takes to convert the customer of a competitor to a customer of your own.
Clock Tower Insights _Product Assessments-

Product Assessments

  • Assess level of appeal that individual products add to your brand.
  • Gauge unique value of your assortment.

The purposeful, consistent expression of a brand through words and style that engages and motivates.

Why It’s Relevant

In the end we are going to be connecting your brand experience to the brand perceptions, and then to the sales data. This helps us answer these 5 questions:

  • How much is a point of satisfaction worth?
  • Where else are your best customers shopping?
  • How much do they like your competitors? Why?
  • Does your brand need to build different levels of trust to convert within your different product categories?
  • Where in the engagement process do consumers start to commit to your brand with their purchases?

The Results

We provide ongoing understanding of how brand perceptions and engagement connect with dollars and action.


What We Do – Breathing Life Into the Data

The purpose of brand tracking is to provide ongoing understanding of the behaviors that contribute to the current attitudes of customers/consumers. We believe this information is critical to a comprehensive marketing strategy that guides the customer experience.