Optimize Your Customer’s Experience to Establish Loyalty and Advocacy for Your Brand

Clock Tower Insights _Transactional and Relational NPS

Transactional and Relational NPS

Touchpoint-specific satisfaction feedback in real time for strategic benchmarking for tracking brand health.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Target profiles on your website with web analytics to understand web behavior and make personal invites or calls to action.

Consumer IDIs by segment

Consumer IDIs by segment

These are deep-dive interviews designed to map out the consumer interactions up to the action we have posted as the end of the map.

Closing the loop

Closing the Loop

Set triggers for any aspect of customer feedback, from low NPS to specific text terms, locations, vehicle type, service type, etc.



Recruit, survey, and reward your own in-house panel of targeted respondents for ongoing rapid research and competitive benchmarking.

text analytics

Text Analytics

Get the why behind customer feedback for your website, sales, services, etc., to make key short- and long-term adjustments.

Design and react to customer interactions to increase satisfaction

Why it’s relevant

Clock Tower Insight works with you to help you measure levels of customer satisfaction at each individual touch point in real time.

The more specific the conversion goal, the better a marketing plan will perform.

The Results

  • Create a meaningful experience for your client.
  • Boost brand loyalty which generates repeat sales.
  • Build brand advocacy generating new customers through word of mouth recommendations.


What we do – breathing life into the data

Create a meaningful experience for your client connecting them to your brand in a way that makes them feel like you care about their experience which brings about loyalty and advocacy.