Measure your market performance against your competitors

Clock Tower Insights _Overall Market Share-

Overall Market Share

  • Transactions
  • Shopping
  • Occasions
  • Dollars
  • Units
Clock Tower Insights _Diagnostic Abilities-

Diagnostic Abilities

  • Which competitors are stealing from your customer base?
  • Is your brand winning/losing:
    – Customers
    – Transactions
    – Occasions
  • How much have changing sales been impacted by competitive pressures or changes in the market size?

Gauge sources of sales growth or decline

Why it’s relevant

Clock Tower insight will help you understand the size of your market which to help you drive future success of your business by giving you clarity on your potential buyers of your product or service. Measuring the source of sales growth or declines in your market increases your ability to duplicate positive results and avoid the negative.

The Results

  • Evaluates your position in the market to see how you compare to competitors to pinpoint potential problems if any.
  • Provides you with a number of significant advantages that will help you keep your business growing over time.
  • Helps you see the potential of new product innovations within your market.
  • Understand how the potential investment risks of your product or service based on the size of the population that would potentially be interested in your product or service.