Most industries still rely on in-person touch points including advertising, restaurants,
consulting services, brick & mortar retail locations, and more.
Geo analysis and site evaluation services remain critical to marketing strategy.


Enrich your existing consumer data with third-party demographic, segment, and spatial data to connect your data to the market.


Map out trade areas by drive time for each location to identify your competitors by your individual retail locations.


Flag your existing customers with segment identifiers and target the ones that live within the drive time trade area for you and a competitor.


Most of the ink spilled on marketing focuses on digital marketing. As our society moves further and further down the technological rabbit hole, it can be easy to lose sight of what truly matters to our customers. While digital marketing campaigns are certainly a massively important piece of any branding strategy, they do not paint a full picture. Many industries still rely on in-person touchpoints including restaurants, consulting services, brick & mortar retail locations, and more. For this and many other reasons, drive time analysis and site evaluation services remain as relevant as ever.

Fully fledged site evaluation can include detailed information on drive times, competitive analysis, retail presence, commercial landscape, consumer demographics, and other location-based data analysis. With Clock Tower Insight, brands can use real-time drive time analyses to make well-informed business decisions in the short and long term.

Geo Analysis as a Marketing Tool

Determining the current and/or future commercial landscape

Determining the value of a certain location requires digging into th commercial landscape.

  • What is the daytime population?
  • What is the local demand?
  •  How many competitors are within a 10 minute drive of the location?
Are the businesses within a 10 minute drive of the location
comparable when it comes to product, price points, and customer

Pinpointing potential customers using
demographic data

Another value add of drive time analysis comes when it is combined with other pinpointed demographics. Demographics such as age, address, gender, shopping behaviors, median income, and much more. When all of these factors are combined into an easy-to-read report which can be adjusted and tailored to each business’ individual needs, marketing departments can focus on the customers/areas which will be most beneficial to their end goals.

Real-World Applications
of Geo Analysis

To understand how this process might work, let’s explore a hypothetical scenario involving a new retail location.
In this hypothetical, we will assume that we are looking to open a drugstore in a suburb of a major city.
Here is what geo analysis and site evaluation might look like for this situation

Geo analysis determines the total consumer base and competitive landscape.

  • Identify where potential customers are concentrated
  • Identify overlap of customers within key ranges of your location and competitors’ locations
  • Identify key demographics within those subsets
  • Run custom reports with different filters


What we do – breathing life into the data

We measure the source of sales growth or declines increases your ability to duplicate positive results and avoid the negative.