Micro-Moment Marketingb

Micro-Moment Marketing

Many of us have clicked the dreaded buy now icon on Amazon or another online retailer and made a snap purchase. This is a typical example of a micro-moment. Micro-moments are any brief interaction with technology which often includes a run-in with digital marketing.

Every time an individual picks up his or her phone to check the weather or do a quick google search, that is considered a micro-moment. The average consumer has hundreds of micro-moments via a digital device each day.

So how can marketing strategies adjust to this new reality? Today, we will explore micro-moments in everyday life, micro-moment opportunities, and how to implement a micro-moment marketing strategy.

The Rise of Micro-Moments in Everyday Life

The Rise of Micro-Moments in Everyday Life

It has been estimated that Americans spend an average of eleven (11) hours per day interacting with some form of digital media. This includes surfing social media, watching television, listening to podcasts, online shopping, and much more.

While many of these interactions are sustained (such as binge watching a show on Netflix), the majority are in fact quick check-ins known as micro-moments. This is particularly true for cell phone and tablet usage. Most users will pick up their phone for a second to mindlessly check Instagram or search for new fashion ideas.

These micro-moment engagements with technology are only going to increase as time goes on. This creates a situation where companies must adjust their marketing strategies to fit in with this form of digital media consumption.

The new digital media environment of brief interactions creates another paradigm shift: users may not be giving their screens their full attention. A large percentage of micro-moments are “distractions”. This presents another challenge and opportunity for marketing teams.

Micro-Moment Marketing Opportunities

Micro-Moment Marketing Opportunities

The increase of micro-moments can also be thought of as an increased number of digital marketing interactions. This leads to a multitude of micro-moment marketing opportunities. 

As brands, we sometimes get caught up with our brand identity and brand message. While those aspects are incredibly important, micro-moment marketing opportunities are more about being immediately available and helpful to consumers. 

To illustrate this point, consider that 82 percent of mobile users will use their mobile devices before making an in-store purchase. Modern consumers are never far away from a digital micro-moment which may influence a purchasing decision. 

This puts stress on brands to have a nearly ubiquitous online presence, but it also creates an opportunity to capitalize on micro-moment marketing to push sales. 

Digital Marketing for Immediate Need

Consumers are becoming more reliant on immediate feedback. This blade cuts both ways, as consumers are likely to ignore previous marketing but are also increasingly likely to use whatever comes up in the moment. Let’s consider a scenario:

Rebecca is on the road for work. Her meetings have just concluded and she finds herself on her own for dinner in a new city. What is her next likely action? In years past she might have consulted a hotel concierge or simply asked around. In 2019, the vast majority of people in Rebecca’s situation will do a quick search for restaurants.

In her immediate need, Rebecca might look up “thai restaurant near me”. This micro-moment is an opportunity for every restaurant in the city to catch Rebecca’s attention. The restaurant with the best micro-moment marketing strategy is likely to get her business that night.

Effective Micro-Moment Marketing Strategy

Effective Micro-Moment Marketing Strategy

So you are on board with micro-moment marketing. Now what? How can we implement a marketing strategy to capitalize on increasingly fleeting digital interactions? Here are few high level considerations with which you can build a successful micro-moment marketing strategy:

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Closing the deal quickly…or not. Micro-moments create a sense of urgency for marketing campaigns. But the reality is that not all micro-moment interactions need to end in a sale. Mobile marketing influences future purchases just as well as it converts immediate purchases. 

Measure micro-moment marketing by engagement, not sales. Snap decisions to make a phone call or download an app are more likely than a snap purchase. Allow customers multiple avenues to stay connected and do not neglect the good old contact phone number. 

Clock Tower Insight Utilizes Micro-Moment Marketing for Brand Growth

Clock Tower Insight helps our clients to build their brands through any means necessary. We believe in using cutting edge research to deliver unparalleled insight and understanding into today’s rapidly changing marketplace. With over 15 years of dedicated experience, our marketing insight has helped organizations including Belle Tire, Nielsen, Orbitz, and Kraft Foods. 
We are proud to offer a number of services to our clients, including customer experience management, brand positioning in the marketplace, market sizing, market testing, and more.