The 5 Best Marketing YouTube Channels in 2020

Earlier in the year, we wrote about our picks for the five (5) best content marketing books of 2019. We have since followed that up with our recent piece on the top ten (10) marketing podcasts going into 2020. Today, we will turn our attention to some of the best youtube channels for marketing content in 2020 and beyond. Without further ado, here is our list of the 5 best marketing YouTube channels you don’t want to miss.

1. TED Talks for Marketing

TED Talks for Marketing

Those familiar with the incredibly popular TED YouTube channel will already know that the platform tackles just about every scientific phenomena on planet earth from artificial intelligence to the history of the coffee cup lid. When it comes to marketing, TED shines as an example of a platform that values industry experts from a wide range of fields and backgrounds. 

Our favorite aspect of the TED YouTube channel is their stellar reputation. Viewers can feel comfortable knowing that the speaker is a well-respected marketing expert. TED also puts an emphasis on individuals who have disruptive ideas and/or new technology to discuss in the areas of marketing and business. To add even more value, TED talks are purely informational and are almost never back door attempts to make a sale. TED is must see TV for marketing and more.

2. Hubspot YouTube Channel

Hubspot is a well known marketing website, and their YouTube channel delivers high quality marketing content for both professionals and amateurs. We love this channel because it offers a variety of both bite-sized content for quick distractions and in-depth interviews and analyses of more complex topics. Speaking of topics, Hubspot’s YouTube channel covers a wide range of marketing topics including brand growth, disruptive behaviors, marketing education programs, sales enablement, and much more. 

The only caveat that we offer for hubspot is that unlike TED, they are in the YouTube space to convert your clicks into sales. We still believe that the high quality content is worth your views, but this is always something to consider when we are talking about unbiased and unfettered marketing information.

3. Backlinko – Brian Dean for SEO and Digital Marketing

Backlinko - Brian Dean for SEO and Digital Marketing

An interesting aspect of Brian Dean’s Backlinko YouTube Channel is that he uses his own SEO methods and expertise to regularly get huge amounts of views on his videos. With a focus on digital marketing and specifically SEO, Backlinko uses real life examples of how brands can rank higher and earn more traffic on Google and YouTube platforms. Unlike our previous two examples, Brian is the only voice/perspective on Backlinko. This might appeal to some viewers as he delivers a consistent product over time. We recommend Backlinko for its high quality digital marketing information without the fluff.

4. Google Webmasters for Insights into the Google Machine

On the flipside of the individual perspective offered by someone like Brian Dean, Google Webmasters is the official YouTube channel of, you guessed it, the Google Webmasters product. This channel offers unparalleled insight into how Google truly works to sort, rank, and file websites, YouTube channels, and much more. There are a huge range of informational videos which are generally shorter than 10 minutes in length for easy viewing.

This may not be as entertaining as our three previous selections on the list, but Google Webmasters is a resource that simply cannot be ignored by marketing professionals. We recommend not only watching Webmasters, but subscribing and electing for new video notifications. Google Webmasters puts out regular content regarding the latest changes to Google SEO, regulations, and much, much more.

5. Gary Vee (Vynerchuk) for High Energy Marketing Discussions

Gary Vee (Vynerchuk) for High Energy Marketing Discussions

Gary Vee, full name Gary Vaynerchuk, is probably the most traditionally “YouTube” of all of our suggestions today. He is high energy, controversial, and is never afraid to speak his mind. Gary’s accolades including five New York Times bestselling author credits, a popular public speaker, and is known for making early investments in now huge companies including Tumblr, Uber, Facebook, and Twitter. Gary’s perspective is one of an investor and a marketer who wears many hats in many different industries.

Popular videos on the Gary Vee channel range from motivational talks to advice for young entrepreneurs to nuts and bolts marketing talks. Unlike the other channels we recommended, this one is more useful as a source of entertainment and finding new ideas than it is for learning about the marketing world. That being said, there is absolutely enough solid content here for even the most experienced marketing veterans to learn something new.

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